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An Interview with FULLSHOT Cine Mag about the short film "Come and Go"

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

It was amazing to have a Interview with the FULLSHOT Cine Mag about our last short film "Come and Go". Here is a Part of Interview. The complete Interview is under the link at the End of the Text.

What were the challenges that you faced when making this film? Tell us about the production and your experiences of making the film.

Atefeh: Our biggest challenge in Come and Go was its playwright, Samuel Beckett. Beckett clarifies every single detail; even actors‘ appearances are carefully described. We wanted to have our own adaptation from his play and, at the same time, be faithful to him.

Mehrad: Our shooting was planned for two days.We had to be well-prepared to save time and costs. We worked with a small team, and we hadto take on different roles on the shooting day. We were so happy as we made up our minds to choose just one location.

Come and Go is quite experimental. Tell us about what you were going for. What are the themes and concerns that you wanted to reflect in your film?

Atefeh: Time in Come and Go is not linear. One can play it any time and start to watch. At the same time, we were concerned about repetition and difference. One of our main themes was to perceive time and eternity through repetition and difference.

The Complete Interview!


Thanks FULL SHOTS Cine Mag and Mr. Beckett!

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