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about us

We are Mehrad Sepahnia and Atefeh Kheirabadi. We like to experiment, then we are the experimental filmmakers. We work together as a team and realize individual projects.

We create films, design exhibitions and carry out interactive film projects and Workshops in schools, museums and cultural institutions. We are real and illusion together. We exchange the rolls, sometimes Atefeh is the real one, sometimes Mehrad and vice versa.

Atefeh Kheirabadi (born in Tehran, 1990) is an Iranian/ German filmmaker.She brings a bold lens upon contemporary Issues of being women, making ‘Law-budget’ films. She began her career as a young Director in Tehran together with Mehrad Sepahnia at the age of 21. She is a graduate of Social Communication at Teheran University (B.A) and Media Studies with a Focus on Film (M.A) in Berlin. 

Mehrad Sepahnia (born in Tehran, 1986) is an Iranian/ German filmmaker. He is Fighter and for him is Resistance In Art a big part of his artist's Work. He began making ‘Law-budget’ films at age of 22 in Iran which has gone on to be screened with international acclaim. He studied in Berlin Film elements Picture and Sound. He has made 14 short films.

Interview in Tagesspiegel on 29.06.2022 "Was man draus macht": LINK

Mehrad CV

Atefeh CV

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