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Blind: into the eye is wins the 1st place prize at the HessenLAB at B3 Biennale Moving Image

The HessenLab at b3 Biennale of the Moving image took place from October 14th to October 17th 2023. "Blind: into the eye" is selected as the best short film project at the HessenLAB. Winning the top prize is a remarkable achievement for das Projekt, which is now in early Stage.

Blind: into the Eye is a short Hybrid Documentary, but it is not only a cinematic Work, but also a Reflection on the Role of the technical Image in the Presentation of Human Experience in the Time of Suffering, Struggles, Violence and RESISTANCE.

The X RAY Photo shows the Shots in the Head and Eye of a Protester in The Jina Revolution from 2022-2023.

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