Participatory Projects

Stop-Motion Workshop in cooperation with Museum for Islamic Art, FRI-X Berg and Rosa-Park-Schule Berlin.

From Febrauery 2020 till June 2020

Wenn die Bilder laufen lernen is a Filmworkshop in Winterakademie 2020 in Jugendkunstschule FRI-X Berg for childs from 12 years old.

Filmworkshops with Thema strike as a social competence.

This one year Workshops (2019-2020) are funded by Projektfonds kulturelle Bildung Berlin.

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Two Stop-Motion Workshop (2019-2020) with the children from 6 to 12 years in Wedding Berlin. 

Berlin Mondiale Workshop mit GU Lichtenberg

The Children of GU Lichtenberg participated in two Filmworkshops in Autumn and Christmas Holiday 2019.

Stop-Motion Workshop and Filmtheater Project with children from Kreuzberg Berlin. 2018 - 2019

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Closing Event for Eye_Land Project with cooperation WannseeForum. 

Zusammen Trickfilm Lernen und animieren was a Workshop in 2018 - 2019. The Workshop is funded by Projektfonds kulturelle Bildung.


Filmworkshop by Gelbe Villa. We make a Film abuot the children's rights. 

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