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7+1 Fragmente 


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An anthology of diverse female narrative in 7 different worlds with 7 different colors, as well as their remarkable experiences.

Self-Reflection and Re-reflection, feeling of the moment, broken lines, unclosed and resumed forms, this is the different situations in 7+1 fragments that appear next to each other - even inside each other. 7+1 Fragments consists of 7 fragments, each with a female narrative with different characters and different colors, forms, and different Moments, which meet each other in the eighth (last) fragment. The film is a free adaption from "Haft Peykar" a epic by Nizami. This film consist the Women's empowerment process.

Jin, Jiyan, Azadî


Luisa Mazéh, Matilde Flor Usinger, Anna Deborah Disse, Mirjam Morlok ,Kristine Luther-Goldmann, Zöhre Yari, Uta Schönharting, Anne Diedering, Mirijam Verena Jeremic, Charlotte Maier, Camilla Therese Karlsen, Susi Rosenbohm


Alireza Ostovar


César Fernández Borrás


Mehrad Sepahnia Atefeh Kheirabadi


Georgina Pretto

DOP Assistent

Sajad Bayeqra

Production Realillusion

Year of Production 2022

Sale Agent (Online): Gonella Production

Length 30' 00''

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