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7+1 Fragmente 


Self-Reflection and Re-reflection, feeling of the moment, broken lines, unclosed and

resumed forms, this is the different situations in 7+1 fragments that appear next to each other - even inside each other. 7+1 Fragments consists of 7 fragments, each with a female narrative with different characters and different colors, forms, and different Moments, which meet each other in the eighth (last) fragment. The film is a free adaption from Haft Peykar epic by Nizami.

Cast: Luisa Mazéh Matilde Flor Usinger Anna Deborah Disse Mirjam Morlok Kristine Luther-Goldmann, Zöhre Yari Uta Schönharting Anne Diedering Mirijam Verena Jeremic Charlotte Maier Camilla Therese Karlsen Susi Rosenbohm

Musik: Alireza Ostovar

Sound César Fernández Borrás

Director Mehrad Sepahnia Atefeh Kheirabadi

DOP: Georgina Pretto

DOP ASSISTANT: Sajad Bayeqra

Production Realillusion

Year of Production 2022

Length 30' 00''

More Details about the Film and festivals coming Soon!